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Italy's renowned Bresciani 1970, a small, artisanal studio, is the world's premier sock producer and now the finest men's underwear artisan. In an article about Kabbaz-Kelly clothing, Departures magazine said very simply, "Alexander Kabbaz ... the man many consider the world's best ...". In that spirit, Kabbaz-Kelly women's lingerie is the firm's crowning achievement. Villa Delmitia, a small Milanese family firm, specializes in the finest woven boxers, pajamas, and robes for men and women. For more than a century, Zimmerli of Switzerland has been creating excellent Swiss underwear. However, since the firm's recent acquisition by a large venture-capital group, although Zimmerli continues to produce some of their products in Switzerland, many items are now produced elsewhere.

Natural fibres, comfortable cuts, and careful production ensure the legendary good feeling that has long been associated with our reputation for offering the world's finest clothing for ladies and gentlemen.

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Our mission is to provide the world's finest products paired with incomparable service.

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About ZimmerliOfSwitzerland.com

Our web site is the World leader, by far, in luxury underwear and furnishings for men and women. All of the products we offer are produced in Italy or Switzerland. Luxury Clothing Ltd. is committed to maintaining only the highest quality standards.

Although our range of products is small, it comprises some of the finest apparel available anywhere. Bresciani 1970 of Bergamo, Italy, is world renowned as the finest sock makers and also the creator of the finest cotton lisle men's underwear. Milan's Villa Delmitia is a small, artisanal maker of the finest pajamas, robes, and smoking jackets for men and women. Zimmerli of Switzerland was founded by Pauline Zimmerli-Bauerlin, a Swiss seamstress and teacher from Aarburg, Switzerland. Since its inception, the Swiss firm's wares were a staple of the best specialty shops. Recently acquired by a venture capital group, Zimmerli is now aiming at a broader department store audience.

Traditionally luxury is associated with handcrafted goods and handcrafted goods come at a price. We offer only the finest natural fibers - cotton, wool & silk - and today also top-of-the-line man-made miracles including the best qualities of micromodal. The treatment of these most wonderful of fibers gives definition to the words "top quality". Thus, we remain exactly where we've always been - a small, niche-oriented site offering the finest undergarments and intimates exclusively serving the most quality-conscious of selective, knowledgeable consumers worldwide.

International Shipping: We ship from East Hampton, New York to Canada, U.K., Europe, U.S.A., Japan, Australia & New Zealand, the Middle East, Central & South America, Asia and the Pacific islands. If your country charges taxes, duties, or VAT - and most do - these must be paid by you at the time of delivery. International shipments require a destination telephone and e-mail address. International Shipping is via UPS or International Postal Mail.

Due to the intimate nature of the majority of our merchandise and the prevailing statutes in most locations, we can not accept returns of undergarments. We make exchanges only of brand new, unworn, items with tags and boxes intact and in original condition which have not been tried on. On those extremely rare occasions when a defect occurs, we will immediately send a replacement and a return label for the defective item. Please e-mail or telephone us should this occur.

Our ultimate goal is to have happy, satisfied clients. We don't want you to be stuck with an item which is incorrect for your needs or one which does not fit. Nor do we wish to be abused. If you follow our simple guidelines, everyone will be satisfied:
If you are unsure of the particular style or fabric of the item you want, talk to us either by using our Contact Form or by telephone at +01-631-267-2800. We are good at helping figure out the right way to go ... and we are always happy to help. We may be able to figure it out right away ... or we may advise you to order one each of two different styles so you can pick the more suitable. Then you can exchange the other and place your order for more of the desired style. We respond to our contact form immediately.